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The Meaning Of Balance

Where the idea came from?

In 2016, Ireland’s public health expenditure surpassed €15 billion. Over 100,000 people are employed in the public health sector, with thousands more in the private sector.

More students are qualifying with degrees in health, fitness, nutritional and sports science than ever before. As a nation, we are finally putting value on the one thing money cannot buy – our health.

Let’s compare this to 10 years ago.

Do you see more people out running and walking on the roads? Has the supply and demand of fruit, vegetables and lean meats risen in the local Supermarkets?

Are more of your friends, family and colleagues getting regular health checks? Have any of your local soccer, GAA or rugby teams employed strength and conditioning coaches in these intervening years looking to gain the edge on their rivals?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you will already appreciate the value of this event. If you answered No to all of them, then this event will change your life.

Our premise was to create Ireland’s first event which incorporated health, fitness, nutrition and sports. The vision was to create something for everyone from fitness fanatics to those brave enough to take the first steps in changing their lives. We want to offer people of all ages an experience that will educate, enlighten and inspire them.

Why Balance?

Deciding on a name that incorporates fitness, health, nutrition and sports wasn’t easy. Acronyms, blend words and portmanteaus were all considered. Considered and dumped. They either didn’t roll off the tongue or didn’t relate well to our core values. We were struggling to come up with something with the right balance.

And there it was. Sitting in front of our very eyes from day one; balance. When you look at those who lead a healthy lifestyle, balance is the most suited word to describe them. Their diet is wholesome and sustainable; they regularly exercise, look after their general health and may be or have been involved in a sports club at some level. They seem to spend the right amount of time working, resting, socialising and exercising.

However, even for these people who have enriched their lives by improving their health, attaining the perfect life is almost impossible. Life is full of too many uncertain variables for perfection to exist.

At Balance, we acknowledge this. At Balance, we want to help every attendee to create a better balance in their own lives, to take ownership of their general health and in turn lead a more balanced life.

Balance in Fitness

What is balanced fitness? Is it being able to run 5 kilometres in less than 20 minutes or complete a marathon in less than 4 hours? Is it the strength to bench press 100kg or perform 50 press ups in a minute? Is it the ability to do the splits or touch your toes? Or is it having low body fat?

At balance, we feel all 5 components of fitness are of equal importance. These are muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

Each brings their own individual health benefits and focusing on one or a few can be detrimental to those looking to optimise their fitness. By fulfilling your potential in each of these components, you can reap all the benefits of fitness, not just a few.

Who does not want to reduce the risk of disease and injury, increase their confidence and self-esteem, increase recovery time and improve their general day to day life? We will discuss these components of fitness in greater detail in a later blog.

Balance in Health

Balance in health is derived from a person’s lifestyle choices. From the everyday ones such as getting the right amount of sleep to getting the correct nutrients from your diet to the more specific health screens, check-ups and consultations from your local GP or physiotherapist.

Balance in health means taking every measure necessary to ensure your body is working to the best of its potential. Control is fundamental to balance in health. This is achieved when individuals’ take control of their own lives by making small changes to your own lifestyle and adhering to the correct health checks on a regular basis. Too many people still choose not to take control of their health choices – don’t be one of them!!

Balance in Nutrition

Balance incorporates all aspects of diet and nutrition. A ‘balanced diet’ is a phrase thrown about by the masses but only understood by a few. A balanced diet is one where an individual eats the correct quantities of macronutrients and micronutrients to meet their specific needs.

Health needs to be the number one priority when setting up your balanced diet. A large variety of fruit, vegetables and lean meats provide us with vitamins and minerals required for red blood cell production, improved immune function and can help us fight common colds and flus.

The second priority should be based on your activity levels. These activity levels are dependent on the nature of your profession and/ or the type of physical activity you do. As a result, you need to fuel your body with adequate proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A balanced diet will also help your recover and can improve your sleep patterns.

Balance in Sport

How often do you see your local underage coaches apply simple balance exercise in their sessions? How often do we hear commentators describe the wonderful balance of well-known players from a multitude of sports?

From international soccer star Lionel Messi to multi gold medal Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, to local heroes like Colm and Bryan Cooper; it could be argued that balance is synonymous with every sport, at every level. Defined as the ability to maintain smooth and efficient body movement and coordination during different movements, balance is a prerequisite for success in any sport.

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