Balance EXPO Activities

Here are some of the activities happening at the Balance Expo. A day of fun and learning the Balance way!

GAIT Analysis

A method to assess the way we walk and run, highlighting biomechanical abnormalities. Those who are into running, will get the full benefit from the information from this activity. 

Health Screening

A health specialist will be at the event, conducting an overall check-up for participants. This health check can help reduce the risk of certain health problems.

Fitness Testing

Also known as fitness assessment, the test takes several measurements to determine the status of an athlete or an individual. 

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports will be available at the event for participants to try out and enjoy. These will be great fun for all of the family. 


This is the most popular simple meditation that uses different body postures for our physical, mental and spiritual health. If you haven’t tried Yoga yet, now is the time! 

Cooking Demos

We will be joined by a highly skilled chef that will teach us how to make nutritious meals that you can adapt to your home cooking. These recipes will be of equal benefit to the athlete and those providing meals for the family.  

Fitness Classes

We also have a variety of fitness classes to sample at the event. Participation will give you first-hand knowledge, experience and techniques from our reputable instructors.

Injury Prevention

An injury prevention workshop and seminar with be available at the event. This will give participants a much needed insight for their family’s safety and care.

Kids Activities

At Balance, our end goal is to create an event that instills lasting change. We feel youth health is fundamental in our quest for establishing a healthier Ireland.

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